The Black Sky Event, part 1, Episode 14

The Black Sky Event, Part 1

A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a copy of William Forstchen’s novel One Second After. I had never considered that the grid could go down or what life would be like without electricity.

As a parent of young children, I became concerned enough to begin preparing for a grid down event, and have a plan to be in a safer place than the crowded suburban area that we call home.

I wanted to learn more on the probability of an event like this occurring, so I downloaded a copy of the 2008 report from the EMP Commission, established by Congress in 2000 to look at the threat of a Nuclear EMP or a solar storm to our critical infrastructure. What I found in their report was disturbing. The system that powers our country is extremely vulnerable to attacks from other countries and from Mother Nature herself.

For the next few years I monitored the situation, reading reports issued and testimony presented. Around 2013, a new and even more likely threat to the grid emerged, a cyberattack. Because this was seen by most as a more immediate and likely threat, the attention of the power industry and the government seemed to shift to cyberspace. Nuclear EMP became seen as low probability, and a solar storm became defined as something other than a catastrophic event.

I fully expected that because of the magnitude of the problem and evidence, the federal government would get together with the power utilities that own the grid. At a minimum I thought they would demand companies protect the grid’s most vulnerable components from EMP related threats as recommended by the EMP Commission.

It never happened.

In 2017 Congress disbanded the EMP Commission. Despite the evidence and reality of an EMP threat presented by the Commission over 17 years, Congress has taken little meaningful action to protect the grid.

As I watched the final testimony of EMP Commission members and supporters, I was moved by their call for grass roots and community action to bring awareness to this problem and the necessity of moving outside of Washington to find a solution. Our citizens need to know the truth that unfortunately has fallen on deaf ears in the halls of our government.

I have been in the media production business for over thirty years now, creating commercial video content and documentaries. When I asked myself how I could make a difference and bring awareness to this situation, the answer was obvious: make a documentary.

The Black Sky Event was born.

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