Local Level EMP Mitigation & Response Planning

Kaleb Retzer and I discuss his Master’s Thesis Proposal for Local-Level EMP Mitigation and Response Planning. Kaleb is a friend and a former guest way back in Episode 78. He has some great ideas for local planning and we talk about some of them here. Kaleb Retzer is a graduate student in Adelphi University’s Master’s […]

Billy Bond on why permaculture

Billy Bond explains why he believes the art of permaculture is beneficial and why. We discuss how and why certain plants should be grown together and why layering in “defense” is a good strategy for positioning both plants and animals. Billy Bond, US Army Airborne Sapper, electrician, and homesteader focusing on developing and promoting permaculture […]

When Government Attacks

Matt Strickland and I discuss his time in the Army and as a military contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. He relates the story of how his fight with government and arbitrary Covid mandates causes him to resist, and con comply. Matt is a leader, and his story is an example for us all in a […]

Threats and Preparedness

Our old friend Bjorn is back to update us on some work he has been doing with the INFRAGARD National Disaster Resilience Council (NDRC). This is another spirited conversation about the possibilities of war with Russia and the potential cyber threats to our national grid. Bjorn David Hoxeng Simundson is a technology entrepreneur, industrial designer, […]

Biko Wright – Extreme Survival

Biko Wright is the runner up to the big prize in episode 8, of History Channel’s Alone series. We discuss his preparation for the extreme survival situation he was to endure, as well as what it takes to survive alone. This was a truly dangerous test of his stamina, endurance, and his survival skills in […]

America by 2024 - CW2 or WW3?

America by 2024 – CW2 or WW3?

Our guest this episode is our friend David Pyne. We asked him back to discuss some of the disturbing news lately about three retired generals claiming January 6th was a “terrible things for our democracy.” We also discuss the possibility of military attacks on the US from China, Russia, and other threat nation states. Will […]

Dr. Braun on the War of Covid

Dr. Braun on the War of Covid

Doc Braun and I discuss his professional career as a trainer and advisor for Counterterrorism and Emergency Management to federal, state, and local agencies. His experience and training has led him in an heroic way to attack the Covid crisis by pulling a team of scientists together to understand and identify the virus itself, but […]

American Gulag

American Gulag

Cara Castronuova about her boxing career and her activism getting the word out about the American Gulag.