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Civil Defense Radio
Civil Defense Radio is more than about a “New American Civil Defense Structure,” it is also about providing you with valuable information.
We design each show to inform you of the many serious natural and man-made threats that our nation faces; those threats many news outlets are afraid to speak about or unwilling to mention.

Beside the many threats we talk about, we also bring helpful topics. Topics on preparedness, community resiliency building and examples of other successful community efforts to motivate and guide your efforts.

This information driven approach will assist you in making the BEST possible decisions about the safety and security for yourself, your family, your neighborhood and community during disastrous events.  It takes more than information, it takes action also.

Civil Defense = Resiliency = Survival

To be resilient it takes preparation, organization, and training to meet the needs of whatever situation we may find ourselves in. The original Civil Defense system of the 1940’s was designed to help reduce panic in a disaster through training and awareness. Can you think of anything more frightening at that time than nuclear war? Unfortunately, today there are many more threats, some of them much more serious than a nuclear bomb exploding in the United States. That is why we strongly recommend establishing a community-based civil defense corps in your city or county. It is better when done in partnership with your local emergency manager and community leaders.

We offer guidance on our “Resources” tab. Look for “the Guide” at the top of the page. Our CD”Guide” provides enough information to get the discussion started and begin building your leadership team. We are always here to help, just drop us a line here.

Please download our shows regularly and visit our social media platforms often where we post regularly. You can find us on Facebook at @CivilDefenseRadio, and on Twitter @Civil_Def_Radio. Facebook is where we post most often, though

This graphic below is a great representation of how civil dfense should work. It begins with the individual and the family. Then it expands out to the neighborhood and then the community at large. With each of the element working together we should have a much more resilient state and nation. Help us reach our goal of spreading this message across the nation.

National Civil Defense Pattern