BLACKOUT WARFARE: Attacking the U.S. Power Grid

In Episode 104 we got a taste of the new book from Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, when we spoke with David Pyne, who is one of many co-authors of the book. In this episode we get more about the book, but we also get to hear some of the bureaucratic lies, sleight of hand, and […]

Second Amendment Dan Hinkson

Second Amendment with Dan Hinkson

An NRA Certified Instructor, a competitive shooter, an AR-15 gunsmith, a Black Belt Instructor in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, and a CPR trained Combat Lifesaver.

Nuclear Power’s Bright Future

Children and Civil Defense

The topic of discussion was Children and Civil Defense. We also talked about The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA) and what that great organization has done. Their biannual Journal has great information in it, which is where the article came from on children and civil defense that we spoke about. The TACDA Survival Store also […]

Challenging Times Ahead with the Provident Preppers

Some of our most favorite guests on the show are Jonathan and Kylene Jones, The Provident Preppers. This week we discuss some of the things they brought upon their video titled: Warning! Challenging Times Ahead – Stock up! Links Twitter: The Provident Prepper – kyleneanne@gmail.comPinterest: Civil Defense Radio InformationWebsite: […]

Sean Dolan and Yellowstone Civil Defense Force

Sean Dolan and Yellowstone Civil Defense Force

The development of a new Civil Defense group in America is a big deal to us at Civil Defense Radio. This week we speak with Sean Dolan, the founder and President of the Yellowstone County Civil Defense Force in Montana. This casual discussion is what brought him to this idea and how he has developed […]