BLACKOUT WARFARE: Attacking the U.S. Power Grid

In Episode 104 we got a taste of the new book from Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, when we spoke with David Pyne, who is one of many co-authors of the book. In this episode we get more about the book, but we also get to hear some of the bureaucratic lies, sleight of hand, and obfuscation that has kept our national power grid so vulnerable to our enemies. 


Guest Bio 

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, a 501c3 nonprofit and Congressional Advisory Board dedicated to achieving protection of the United States from electromagnetic pulse (EMP), cyber-attack, mass destruction terrorism and other threats to civilian critical infrastructures on an accelerated basis.  Dr. Pry was also Director of the United States Nuclear Strategy Forum, an advisory board to Congress on policies to counter Weapons of Mass Destruction.    

Dr. Pry served on the staffs of the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States (2008-2009); the Commission on the New Strategic Posture of the United States (2006-2008); and the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack as Chief of Staff (2001-2008, 2015-2017).  

Guest Links  


The first Congressional EMP Task Force Reports (ALL): 


Blackout Warfare: 

By Dr. Peter Vincent Pry With An Introduction By Dr. William R. Graham and Ambassador R. James Woolsey CONTRIBUTORS Admiral William O. Studeman (Retired) Ambassador Henry Cooper Congressman Curt Weldon Dr. William A. Radasky Colonel Robert P.J. Lindseth (Retired) Colonel Kevin Riedler (Retired) Dr. Edward M. Roche Michael Mabee, CSM USA (Retired) Professor Zhanna Malekos Smith, Esq. Professor Cynthia Ayers David T. Pyne Jeffrey R. Yago Dr. John M. Poindexter 

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