SHTF Survival with Selco Begovic, Part 2

SHTF Survival with Selco Begovic, Part 2

It was a great pleasure to speak with Selco on the show. He brings a lot of knowledge and realism to the subject of survival in a less civil disaster. Why? because he lived through one of the worst situations in modern history, at least since the 1980s. His insight into this subject should be a must-listen for everyone who understands the times we are living in right now, and may soon see worse.

Guest Bio:

Selco is a survivor of the war in the Balkans in the 90s (ex Yugoslavia), first as a civilian, later as a soldier. he is now an entrepreneur and an author specializing in subjects like prepping and survivalism, writer of survival books, articles, and physical and on-line survival courses instructor.


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