Interview with Arthur Bradley, Ph.D.

Interview with Arthur Bradley, Ph.D.

This episode is with Arthur T. Bradly, Ph.D., a NASA electrical engineer, and accomplished author.

Guest Bio

Events have made me who I am, neither a hardcore survivalist nor an all-trusting soul. I am a Boy Scout in the truest sense of the word—dedicated to family, country, and good citizenship. As you may already know, an enabling element of those ideals is being prepared.

It took the horrific events of 9/11 to wake me from my routine complacency. In one single moment, I came to realize that our world is not as safe as we would all like to believe. We have no guarantee of safety in this world. Disasters occur on an almost daily basis all around the globe. Major events in recent years have included the devastating tsunamis striking Japan and the coast of Sumatra, the rash of tornadoes that swept across the U.S. in 2011, Hurricane Katrina, the deadly earthquake in Haiti, and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to name just a few.

I believe with all my heart that we have a duty to prepare our families for the dangers they face. I started my preparation by reading nearly every disaster preparedness book currently available. Unfortunately, I could not find a single book that offered a complete, well-reasoned approach to practical preparedness. As a NASA engineer, I took up the challenge by conducting very careful research – dissecting fact from folklore. Three years and many thousands of dollars later, I have finally released a handbook that offers well-researched advice that can be put into practice in the real world by normal families.

Following the handbook, I tried my hand at writing a fictional post-apocalyptic series, titled “The Survivalist.” The series has been described as a “cool cross between Justified and The Walking Dead.” If you’re interested in an adventurous story with interesting characters and unique settings, I encourage you to give the first book a try.

An area that I’ve conducted a great deal of research into is the nuclear electromagnetic pulse. I published a guide to help people prepare for EMPs and solar storms, as well as conducted numerous tests to determine the best way to protect electronics. If you’re interested in this topic, check out some of the many free videos on this website and Youtube. Also, take a look at the new product that I’m developing, the EMPStorm®, which will be the world’s first surge protector designed from the ground up to protect against the conducted effects of an EMP or solar storm.






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