Internal Threats with General Chrosniak

Internal Threats with General Chrosniak

Brigadier General (Ret-NYG) Ken Chrosniak was enlisted before he became an officer through Officer Candidate School. He served for over 37 years in the Active Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard, from which he retired. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education from Daemon College and a Master’s in Education from Saint Bonaventure University and is an Army War College graduate.

He has served in varied command and staff assignments in the U.S. and overseas including Vietnam, Bosnia, Kuwait, and as a combat veteran of Iraq.     

Ken retired from active duty in 1998 as an instructor at the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks and remained there as a faculty instructor. In 2002 he was recalled to active-duty service for two years on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where he helped write the National Military Strategic Plan for the War on Terror.  Later he served in Iraq in the U.S. Embassy as Chief of Staff for Strategy and Plans, and later as Commander of the Abu Ghraib Forward Operating Base and detention facility (after the scandal).  Upon release from active duty in 2005, Ken returned to Army War College instructor duties where, after one year, he was again recalled to active service for an additional two years on the Army Operations Centers Asymmetric Warfare Office within the Pentagon. 

His most significant decorations are the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal, the coveted Good Conduct Medal, and the Combat Action Badge.

Ken is presently Vice President of Carlisle Pennsylvania Cumberland-Goodwill EMS Ambulance Company; run as an Active Firefighter with Carlisle Fire and Rescue Company; President of EMPact America; Co-Chairman of the American Leadership Policy Foundation; member of the Secure the Grid Coalition; and Co-Chairman of the Central Pennsylvania  Chapter of InfraGard.  

He considers his most important calling in service to the Nation is to promote the survivability of our children and our Nation’s sovereignty by maintaining a viable, hardened, and resilient energy grid against all threats, both manmade and natural.  Ken and his wife Gayle call Carlisle, PA their home.

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