Threats and Preparedness

Our old friend Bjorn is back to update us on some work he has been doing with the INFRAGARD National Disaster Resilience Council (NDRC). This is another spirited conversation about the possibilities of war with Russia and the potential cyber threats to our national grid. Bjorn David Hoxeng Simundson is a technology entrepreneur, industrial designer, […]

Dr Joe Alton and Medical Preparedness

Dr Joe Alton and Medical Preparedness

Dr. Joe Alton is our guest this week. We discuss how he was introduced to disaster preparedness during his time as a doctor responding to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. He also gives us some great guidance on preparing for a possible Pandemic due to the current 2019-Coronavirus.

COVID -19 A Worst-Case Scenario?

Could COVID-19 cause a worst-case scenario or something more catastrophic for our nation? Let’s work this scenario out. Every week on my Civil Defense Radio podcast I open the show with “Welcome to Civil Defense Radio where we discuss all things Civil Defense. Civil Defense is about building resiliency by becoming better informed, prepared and […]

CERT Responder Magazine

CERT Responder Magazine

Chris Wahoski, is one of the three founders for CERT Responder Magazine. Our company goal is to help others and spread informational stories to help surrounding communities who want to help when a natural disaster or man-made events happen.

Survival with Tim MacWelch

Tim is a regular contributor for Outdoor Life magazine’s website, providing hundreds of blogs over the past few years and currently providing 2 photo galleries a month.

Are Emergency Managers Preppers?

Are Emergency Managers Preppers? Are they better prepared than most other citizens? These were just two questions I recently asked a discussion board with well over 1,000 Emergency Managers. I also asked how many of them are prepared at home and work? Are their families prepared with food, water, medical supplies, generators and knowledge of […]