America by 2024 - CW2 or WW3?

America by 2024 – CW2 or WW3?

Our guest this episode is our friend David Pyne. We asked him back to discuss some of the disturbing news lately about three retired generals claiming January 6th was a “terrible things for our democracy.” We also discuss the possibility of military attacks on the US from China, Russia, and other threat nation states. Will […]

Dr. Braun on the War of Covid

Dr. Braun on the War of Covid

Doc Braun and I discuss his professional career as a trainer and advisor for Counterterrorism and Emergency Management to federal, state, and local agencies. His experience and training has led him in an heroic way to attack the Covid crisis by pulling a team of scientists together to understand and identify the virus itself, but […]

100-Plus New Chinese ICBMs

100-Plus New Chinese ICBMs

David Pyne and I discuss the increasing threat of China and their nuclear expansion. The Washington Times news agency reported the Chinese are building a third intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)  field, that would be the home of over 100 new missiles. This could put the US and our western allies in a major pickle. The […]

GameStop - Silver and Killing Gun Rights

GameStop, Silver, and Killing Gun Rights

the highlights of the GameStop and Silver plays by the Reddit crew. Then we discuss the coming attacks on the second amendment and the political right. Be aware and stand strong, as trouble is coming.

Charles Lane and Hospitals in Disasters

Chuck is an experienced emergency manager and instructor with over 12 years of experience in emergency management and healthcare. Chuck holds a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management from Waldorf University as well as the Certified Hospital Emergency Coordinator (CHEC)

Are Emergency Managers Preppers?

Are Emergency Managers Preppers? Are they better prepared than most other citizens? These were just two questions I recently asked a discussion board with well over 1,000 Emergency Managers. I also asked how many of them are prepared at home and work? Are their families prepared with food, water, medical supplies, generators and knowledge of […]

Black Sky

“Black Sky”

The term “Black Sky” or “Black Sky Hazard” refers to an event that severely disrupts the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures. This trailer to an upcoming documentary is high-impact and is packed with subject matter experts and people who are concerned about these threats to our nation and our collective safety. Also, this upcoming […]