Black Sky

“Black Sky”

The term “Black Sky” or “Black Sky Hazard” refers to an event that severely disrupts the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures. This trailer to an upcoming documentary is high-impact and is packed with subject matter experts and people who are concerned about these threats to our nation and our collective safety.

Also, this upcoming full-length movie is more than just another documentary, it highlights some of the problems that we face to our way of life. It documents that government has known about these threats and has done little or nothing to protect us from them and the actors who would attack us.

The concern you will feel when you watch this trailer is real, not made up, not hyped or the sky is falling conspiracies. No, these threats are very real and we warn of them regularly. In fact, your host for Civil Defense Radio was interview for this movie at a national conference in early December in Washington, D.C.

I met many of the experts in this film and have a very high regard for their knowledge and expertise. I encourage you to watch this trailer now and then the full-length movie when it is released later in 2019. Please take this warning seriously as you and your family’s safety depend on it.

The government has demonstrated once again that it is very good at talking about things, but not very good at fixing them. I encourage you to watch this trailer and catch the movie when it airs in summer of 2019.

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