A Conversation with Preston and Todd, Episode 1, Civil Defense Radio

A Conversation with Preston and Todd

SFC Preston Le Roy Schleinkofer, is a retired military veteran of 22 years and a retired federal officer with 27 years. His entire adult life has been in the service of this country and the protection of the American people. He served in the Active Duty Army as a Military Policeman, in the Army Reserve, the Air National Guard as a Security Policeman and his final nearly 12 years in the Army National Guard in a Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Defense Company (Heavy) as an NBC Reconnaissance Platoon Sergeant, NCOIC of the Training Platoon and an NBC Decontamination Platoon Sergeant.

His federal law enforcement background began as a US Border Patrol Agent and then Supervisory Border Patrol Agent. He was the Border Patrol representative to the County Emergency Operations Center for his county in South Texas. He later transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as a Deportation Officer in South Texas and a Supervisory Detention & Deportation Officer in Washington, DC. He spent the last 7 years assigned to Intelligence operations in the field and headquarters intelligence analysis and targeting of human smuggling and trafficking violators. Preston believes his experience, training, and insight offers a new perspective to emergency preparedness.


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