Episode 11, Survival with Tim MacWelch

Survival with Tim MacWelch

Tim MacWelch has been a survival instructor for more than 20 years, training people from all walks of life, including members from all branches of US Armed Forces, the State Department, DOD, and DOJ personnel. He has also been a public speaker for preparedness groups and events. Additionally, he is the author of seven survival manuals, including three New York Times Bestselling survival books and the new Ultimate Survival Hacks book. His wide range of hands-on survival courses are held throughout Northern Virginia – under the business name of Advanced Survival Training.

When he’s not writing books or teaching classes, Tim is a regular contributor for Outdoor Life magazine’s website, providing hundreds of blogs over the past few years and currently providing 2 photo galleries a month. Tim has been writing 1-3 articles for each issue of OFF-GRID Magazine, including the lead role in their “What If?” feature. At the end of 2017, he also found a position at Survival Dispatch, writing for their monthly online magazine. Tim is also a busy husband and father of two – and he has begun planning his 8th book with Weldon Owen publishing.


Twitter: @timmacwelch
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Website: www.AdvancedSurvivalTraining.com

Email: tim@advancedsurvivaltraining.com

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