Preston on Why Civil Defense and the Guide

Preston on Why Civil Defense and the Guide

During this episode I tell you a bit about me and how I came to the conclusion that we need a New American Civil Defense Structure in America and why. I also speak about the Guide that I wrote and that is found on our website that helps you get the conversation started in your local community. US Congressional Resolution 762 was a important piece that suggested a local Civil Defense organization was a good idea.

Dr. David Stuckenberg

Stuckenberg on Resiliency, EDTF, EDI, Plus

In episodes 59 and 60 we speak with Dr. David J Stuckenberg about resiliency, EDTF and EDI. David created and led the USAF Electromagnetic Defense Task Force, which led to the creation of the Electromagnetic Defense Initiative in partnership with the City of San Antonio, Texas and building a resilient community electrical grid.

The benefits of essential oils

The Benefits of Essential Oils

I invited our friend Judith Whitfield on to the show to help explain why essential oils should be part of everyone’s emergency kits. She breaks down the why, how and what makes the oils work so well and some of the science behind it all. She is a wealth of knowledge on this subject and […]

The Emergency Plan Guide

The Emergency Plan Guide

Virginia Nicols & Joe Krueger, authors of the Emergency Preparedness Guide, have been members of their local FEMA sponsored C.E.R.T. for many years.

Civil Defense Radio Rich Breeden

The Cyber Threat with Rich Breeden

Rich Breeden is a friend of mine locally. His knowledge and experience in cyber threats are right up our alley, so to speak. I asked him to come on the show to give us a first look at the cyber threats and discuss a little bit about what is really going on and why we are still at risk.